Being Broke Is Not Cute eBook


Sick of busting your a$# day in and day out with nothing to show for it? Yea, I was too.

In this eBook, I’m spilling all the tea about budgets, saving money when it feels like you have none, and making every coin count. These strategies helped me to break up with my debt (well, minus the student loans) and allow me to continue being the boss of my money.

In just 18 months, I've paid off more than $13,000 in debt on one, low income! If I can do it, why can't you?

What you’ll learn:

How to set clear, financial goals and prepare yourself for success

How to create a budget that works for you

Tricks to stick with your budget and prevent overspending

How to find money hidden in your budget today

Easy ways to increase your income

What you’ll get:

My exact strategy to paying off over $13K in debt on one, low income

Access to my budget sheet that does the math for you

A step-by-step breakdown to create the ultimate budget

My super easy trick to saving money painlessly

A complete financial goals workbook to help you stay on target and measure your success

A spending tracker sheet to help you monitor your spending and stay on budget

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Being Broke Is Not Cute eBook

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